In Appreciation of Men

In appreciation of the men in my life…

I get to see you. I get to hear you. I get to love you.


I get to see your range. I get to understand that your range provides you purpose. I get that you want to be in service of others. I get that it fills you up. I get to feel your kindness and benevolence.

I get to see that your agenda is pure. I get to understand that you stay the course. I get to see you participate in my life for the mere pleasure of it with reckless abandon. You are a family outside of my home. I get to feel your palpable presence in my life.

I get to feel free, fully self expressed and supported by you. I get to say yes and no to you.

I get to feel and rendezvous with your masculine heart. I get to see its brilliance. I get to dance with its vulnerability. I get to see its desires and hear its simple requests. I get to see your warrior power. I get to be with protection and practicality.

I get to touch the depth of your existence. I get to see your sensitivity.

I get to see the way you act in complete faith in the dialogue of your spirit and not realize you’re doing it.

I get to see how you work with fear and use it as a springboard for action. I get to see your anxiety. I get to see how it heightens and focuses your awareness. I get to witness how you masterfully turn it into calm positive action.

I get to see you gracefully wrestle with yourself, never dictating to others or overpowering them. I get to see the strength of your heart. A man of peace. A man who gets that his highest bravery is best online casinos being at peace with himself. A man who understands that this translates into peace in the world.

You make my life complete.

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