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Blessed Partnership

Relationships are to be consoled as it is to console myself A beautiful pure soul moves with the flow of his body In the direction of the tide of his love The love that soothes, feeds, nurtures and pardons. His … Continue reading

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Life Cycle

Duality is bitter sweet I flow into you You flow into me Where am I when I flow into you? Many times I don’t know Is that ok with you? Does that mean I’m lost? My body knows I’m moving … Continue reading

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Affirmations…why they DON’T work

The essence behind what I do for a living is to help individuals synchronize their thought process with their truth – many call that the practice of positive thinking. I call it the process of natural thinking. We were born … Continue reading

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Where have you been?

Heart of hearts Wounds of wounds Hallow are the hollow Fullness are the empty Mindlessness are the mindfulness How can I open up to the wounds of the past if I can’t feel them? Numbness is the ambivalence of the … Continue reading

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Free love

Love comes and finds me Embraced by endless streams of attunement You need not rise up to the truth It’s in attendance and in grand abundance. Couples reunite, families amalgamate, Singles thrust themselves into the light of love Whosoever asks … Continue reading

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Starry nights bring galactic consciousness Constellations are always made up of a network of stars Our healing powers act as a constellation of energy embracing the whole, the individual, the one. You have power to lift the forces, to synchronize … Continue reading

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Patterns repeat themselves This world repeats itself That world replenishes itself Weave your way into the pattern Behave in the spaces, Attune yourself into the particles Castigate nothing Formulate inconsequential ideas Communicate an ethereal earthliness Dedicate an undeniable truth to … Continue reading

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