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Blessed Partnership

Relationships are to be consoled as it is to console myself A beautiful pure soul moves with the flow of his body In the direction of the tide of his love The love that soothes, feeds, nurtures and pardons. His … Continue reading

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When does forgiveness become real?

I’ve often heard of the idea of forgiveness being the way to the ultimate in freedom. It’s written everywhere. In the Bible, Jesus says “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you”. Ghandi said, “the weak can never … Continue reading

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Food for thought…or thoughts for food

When times are good and when times are challenging, there’s always a need for a comforting word to ignite our spirit. I wanted to share with you the phrases I was struck by when I listened to the Dalai Lama speak … Continue reading

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Filling The Spaces…

There’s a place that I call the in-between stage that I’m fully aware of today. It’s a place where you sit in momentary silence while you’re waiting for something to happen, (which can occur a hundred, maybe even a hundred … Continue reading

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Humility – respecting the past, the present, the new, the possible

I was encouraged by the idea of becoming “enlightened” one October evening in 2007. I was scheduled to see the Dalai Lama and I was buzzing with curiosity and intrigue. I felt incredibly awake, like as if all of my … Continue reading

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