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“Anyone who meets Joanne should know almost instantly that she is just a little different than most. Joanne has a remarkably genuine character; it exudes from her every manner, whether that be attentive listening, her non-judgemental friendliness, or her hearty – and frequent – laugh. Joanne is driven to make a difference in people’s lives. Combine that with many valuable work and life experiences, and her advanced training, and I am certain that it would be hard to find a more resourceful and committed coach, anywhere.” President, Recruiting Firm

“This work has had a huge impact on my life, and I am very pleased with my choice of program and, especially, coach. Joanne helped me to tap into my body’s own internal knowledge, which has been a key factor in working through stress, anxiety, and other strong emotions. I don’t feel as if I only learned techniques; I strongly feel that these sessions represent a tremendous shift in perspective and life path for me!” Teacher

“Thank YOU! I think you are absolutely amazing at teaching self reliance and resourcefulness. A true leader :) Thank you very much for your guidance and support throughout this process…. you are a true blessing.” Educator

“My son was so emotionally traumatized by school events that my husband and I felt scared to send him to school as he was so anxious to seek medical or other help from the school staff when needed! We really did not know what to do as parents to help him. My son who is only 11, was the one that remembered Joanne from an encounter some years ago and he expressed interest in working with her and chip away at any issues or fears. We were quite surprised that he did not feel comfortable with any of the school staff including the social worker, but felt safe and expressed interest in working with Joanne. My husband and I were so elated and relieved that he was able to reach out. From our first meeting Joanne gave us hope and was able to help our son dig into what is causing his anxiety. From the first meeting he was able to put strategies he had learned with Joanne into practice. We literally saw a different child. A child that was able to approach the staff and teacher and open up to his feeling and his needs. We felt so, so relieved that he was empowered to express his needs and emotions at school and our anxiety has decreased tremendously. I, as a mother, literally cried tears of joy when my son completed an emotionally challenging task on his own at school. We don’t want our son to be afraid to speak up and seek assistance when needed. Joanne has such a vibrant, infectious, loving and positive personality. We all have our own gifts given to us by God. Joanne has the gift of bringing light to a darkened journey. They say children know and can feel brightly lit, energetic and positively genuine people that can truly light up your life. Well, he found Joanne and we are so very thankful to be working with her. I do not have words to express the joy that we feel knowing that our son is learning strategies to stand up for himself. He felt so empowered after his session and we feel so relieved. I am probably repeating myself here but I can’t help it. There are no words except; “We Love You Joanne” God bless and thank you, thank you, thank you……” Mother

“I would like to say that your session was … probably penultimate, if not my favorite of the day (your enthusiasm/ craziness was radiant). Yet, I am a big fan of science, positive psychology, and psycho metrically valid activities, more so than “reaching into your heart and shifting intuition”. Though, I really see value in your activities, and I really do think that something along the lines of them should be experienced in schools much much more often. Refreshing – that is how I would describe your positivity in comparison to most of the fascinating, challenging, and dense lectures that I sit through every week, which I thoroughly enjoy attending but see little enthusiasm, humour (more often…), or positivity used, despite these being such powerful tools for education, and….. life!” University student

“As a professional coach and trainer, I’ve seen a great many coaches in action. Joanne is the crème de la crème. She has the rare and valuable ability to get right to the heart of what holds us back, and then helps find ways to move forward effectively, passionately. She’s perceptive, articulate, trustworthy and confidence inspiring. I go to Joanne when I want someone to work with me to get me to the next level. I recommend you do the same.” Executive Coach

“Every now and then, you encounter an individual who is clearly and unequivocally doing what they were meant to be doing in this world. Joanne has, and continues to be, a guide for my journey. She challenges and breaks down limiting beliefs, and helps to clarify and reinforce the power that needs to be unearthed in all of us. She should be as much a partner in your business as your accountant.” HR Consultant and Entrepreneur

“That little voice inside your head. The one that tells you to do something and then gives you a grocery list of reasons why you can’t… or you shouldn’t… or gives you enough guilt-free ammo to rationalize not doing something—that’s a voice I know better than my own. Hell, sometimes it sounds just like mine. When I started working with Joanne, she showed me how this voice was ruining my life. Her patient, solutions-oriented approach is about helping people find their way. Her positive outlook is infectious. Never pushy or condescending, Joanne made observations and gave me an opportunity to reach my own conclusions. Joanne helped me find my voice—the real one that everyone can hear.” Copywriter

“Joanne is so gifted at what she does. She was able to draw things out of me that I didn’t know I had. I was amazed at things that I found out about myself through our sessions. Every session was a like opening a gift…..I found something new every time.” Communications Manager

“I liken my experience with Joanne to this: I feel like I got a letter from Hogwart’s inviting me into a magical world and now it’s my job to practice it so I qualify!” Educator

“You’re so friggin gifted!!! Thank you for stretching me and giving me a safe space to explore my new learning!” Events Manager

“Working with Joanne Del Core is an amazing experience. Her sensitivity to shifts in my energy and her strong intuitive skills have helped me in moving forward toward attaining my own personal goals. Joanne’s approach has cut through the clutter that has built up over the years so that I have gained insights into areas and issues that truly resonate with me and my life purpose. In reflecting on how much Joanne has helped me in the short time we have worked together, I am excited in anticipation of what has yet to unfold. Joanne truly is inspired and inspiring.” Educational Consultant

“In a few months Joanne has helped me clear my head and get myself back! After 20 years of being scattered and out of love with myself Joanne has helped me to love myself more than ever before and my energy is a loving happy energy rather than an angry self loathing one! Her clear, loving, no BS approach allowed me to hold myself to task and not lie to myself anymore!! In 5 months I have come through 20 years of road blocks and heart break and now see clearly what an amazing life I have and what an amazing person I am!!! I truly could not be more thankful for this work I have done with Joanne!!” Human Resources Director

Hi Joanne, I have been well – I have to tell you, all the work we did was so amazing and life changing for me. It gave me so much perspective on things and opened up my world in so many ways. I feel I am much more conscious and aware of myself and the things I really want for my life and on the right path. Don’t get me wrong I have ALOT more work to do, but I feel more at peace with things. VP Marketing

“One of the best decisions I have made this year was to start on Joanne’s Core Career program. The first 20 years of my life I had spent with curiosity, yet complete disorientation. My immigration to Canada only fuelled my confusion when at 23 years old goal setting was a foreign concept and sensible direction, an abstraction. Meeting and working with Joanne had given me the tools to rethink my experience and identify themes that have been present all along. Her feedback, brainstorming, and intuition had been invaluable, and I am that much closer to figuring out what I am doing here and taking the right action. From the bottom of my excited heart, thank you.”  University student

Dear Joanne,
It is with great pleasure that I write this note on behalf of the Founders College Office of the Master for your participation in our Academic Orientation. Your enthusiastic presentation helped our students come out of their shells and allowed them the opportunity to connect with each other and, hopefully, begin new friendships and relationships that will last throughout their time at York and beyond.
Our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding efforts.
Academic Advisor, Founders College, York University

“Our Company hired Joanne Del Core with only one goal in mind, to help us develop communication tools to help us better understand our clients. Joanne managed in a short period of time to identify other areas that needed attention and developed a solid action plan that has revolutionized the way our entire company communicates, both within its own walls, and with the way we now do business! Joanne has a unique ability, to be able to cut through the confusion and see right into the heart of the matter – an absolute god-send! We would highly recommend her, in any capacity!” Director of Client Services

“Joanne has an innate gift that inspires others to become their best selves. She is a powerful and compassionate force that helps individuals uncover their true passions, all while assisting them to identify and conquer any limiting beliefs and or obstacles that may have prevented them from realizing their true desires in the past. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in one of Joanne’s weekend workshops and I am forever grateful for the insight, empowerment, and lessons learned – all of which, will stay with me forever.” Public Relations Consultant

“Our 6-year old son has been amazing at his new school.  He made a huge shift and I think his being more independent has definitely improved his self esteem and self control.  I still have the feeling wheel and chart you gave us, on our fridge!! Life has been very lovely all around, I think we have all let out the anxious sigh now that he has adjusted to his new school. It was as if we were all holding our breath and hoping that things wouldn’t get crazier.  He seems happy when he goes to school now! We have been really making sure that our son trusts his own body and his intuition (we call them feelings so he understands). I can’t thank you enough for being the person that got me to see the positive in what was becoming a really hard life moment. THANKS!!!” Mom

“I have had the privilege of knowing Joanne as a fellow student in Leadership beginning in May 2008. I am a Family Medicine physician and have practiced medicine for 20 years in private practice and as a faculty in a Family Medicine Residency in Kansas City, Missouri. Joanne stood out immediately as a wise old soul with a focus of love and positive resonating energy. I sensed her ability to resonate with other’s energy and discern core energies. I have gotten to know Joanne’s strength, depth, brilliance in energy and purity during our leadership journey. She has easily brought my attention to challenging areas before me and facilitated transition with my path. My experience with Joanne is that she holds my energy with love and care as she helps shine light on paths before me. I have experienced several coaches through leadership and find her talents and training to be unique.” Medical Director

“If you are searching for a coach who will give it to you straight, has strong intuition and is not afraid to speak the truth, then you have found that person in Joanne Del Core. The impact this coach made in my life was one I will never forget. She has the natural ability to see through the fog and come forth with what needs to be said. Joanne was born to soar with the best!”

“Joanne is accepting, encouraging and a light that guides me. She has helped me embrace the life that I have created around me so that I can live it to my highest potential. Joanne asks the questions that you need to answer and makes you feel rather than think.”
Interior Designer

“In such a short time, my work with Joanne enabled me to look outside of myself, which gave me a much better understanding of different perspectives. I also learned some tools to look past what I saw as “setbacks” to instead see potential opportunities.”

“Joanne’s ability to inspire and motivate is truly masterful.The spirit and energy she brings to coaching is powerful and “edgy”. Her innate talent to create connection is magnificent!”

“Joanne’s approach is remarkable – powerful yet gentle. She inspires and enlightens at the same time. Having her as your guide is life-changing”.

“Joanne is radiant — full of joy, enthusiasm and insight. A gifted coach, Joanne is an articulate communicator and effective listener. Her quick wit, intellect and genuine concern for others make her a valued ally and confidant in pursuing your dreams. Joanne is a jewel (inside and out).”
Senior Recruitment Manager

“Joanne is a true gift to her clients, and you can’t help but feel confident and excited about life when you are around her.  Her compassionate, but challenging manner allows you to confront the roadblocks that may be standing in your way, and she gives you the tools you need to push those roadblocks aside and get to the business of being your greatest self.  Her warm, intuitive spirit and her playful appreciation of life will inspire you!”

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